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Welding Equipment Sales to Surge

Welding equipment sales to surge? On the back of news that there is to be an expected increase in welding services over the coming years there are now two reports suggesting, not unexpectedly, that there will be an increase in demand for welding equipment. The first report looks …

Welding market predicted to grow?

Welding market predicted to grow is the latest news that is predicted by the latest  Oxford Economics model. These results are predicated on the  world on the fact that  the world construction industry is growing again at pre-Global Financial Crisis rates. This is seemingly good news for the welding industry at …

Welding Equipment News and Interviews

Welding Machinery and Equipment Here you will find all the details of the latest in welding machinery and equipment together with in depth interviews with experienced welders who are willing to share tips and tricks that they have acquired in the course of their welding careers.