• MIG Welder Spool Gun | Spool Gun Welder Do You Need One?

    MIG Welder Spool Gun

    A MIG Welder spool gun is one of those welding attachments for MIG machines that most welders know about yet seemingly not many have actually used or even know how useful the addition of a spool gun welder is to their welding kit could be . If you’re serious about becoming an experienced welder, you…

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  • What is the Right Shielding Gas for Welding Aluminum?

    What is the Right Shielding Gas for Welding Aluminum

    What is the Right Shielding Gas for Welding Aluminum? Controlling aluminium welds entails a variety of elements, including selecting the proper filler metal and shielding gas composition, as well as ensuring your power supply is properly set up to ensure quality welds as the end result. Inert Shielding Gases When deciding what is the right…

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  • What is the Best Shielding Gas for Welding Stainless Steel?

    What is the best shielding gas for welding stainless steel

    What is the best shielding gas for welding stainless steel? Welding stainless steel may be accomplished in a variety of methods, each requiring a particular shielding gas. We will examine the most popular stainless steel welding methods and determine which gas types is best for each.  Properties of Stainless Steel Stainless steel has been used…

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  • Problems and Solutions For Welding and Hygiene in the Food Industry

    Below is a very interesting article about the stringent requirements needed in the food industry with regard to welding procedures. Tightly controlled regulations often means that bespoke solution are required. The below article looks at how one company approaches the task… Welding and hygiene in the food and beverage industryThe hygienic requirements of the food…

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  • Best Welding Gloves

    best welding gloves

    Choosing the correct welding glove / welding gauntlets can make a big difference both to the quality of the weld that you produce and the safty of the welder. Not all welding gloves are equal. You need different welding gloves for different types of welding. In this article we will look at choose the correct…

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  • Tig Welding Gloves

    Kevlar welding gloves

    The glove choice for many people who TIG weld is a glove with a goatskin exterior. This is because it helps the easy management for the precision required by the welder when using the TIG torch. This is because the TIG glove is designed for the welder to easily pick up his welding rod and…

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  • Laser Welding: What You Need To Know

    Laser Beam welding

    Laser welding, or more commonly refereed to as laser beam welding is an industrial welding process for joining metal components together at high speed. It usually produces small and very narrow weld seams and the process has low thermal distortion. This type of welding lends itself well to large scale production lines were the ability…

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  • Miller MIG/TIG Welder Combo

    Miller Syncrowave 210

    The Miller Syncrowave 210 TIG/MIG is one of those welders that seems to check practically all the boxes. As the title suggests it is almost the complete welder. An inverter welder with both AC and DC settings, it allows you to weld either as MIG, TIG or stick, with the additional benefit of being able…

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  • Moving Your Welding Career Forward


    Welding is a profession into which a lot of people fall into by accident. Obviously there are many welders out there who decided, probably early in their working life, that they wanted to be a welder or involved in the welding industry. However, there are probably more who got into welding by accident or through…

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  • Mig Welding Aluminium With A Spool Gun


    Mig Welding Aluminium With A Spool Gun. MIG welding aluminium is hard, but Mig welding aluminium with a spool gun can make it a lot less difficult! The fact that Mig, or to give it its proper name, Gas metal arc welding (GMAW) aluminium is hard is probably not news to most of you who…

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  • Everlast SM200-mts Spoolgun | Review

    spool gun

    Everlast spool gun is universal that can be fitted to any welder that uses Euro Quick-connect connectors. It is reasonably lightweight gun, weighing in at 8.6lbs and takes standard 1lbs spools (maximum roll diameter 4″) with feed wire sizes 0.023-0.040″. The gun is quick to load and has a drive roller and tension adjustment. Feeding…

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  • What is the Best Shielding Gas for Welding Mild Steel?

    What is the Best Shielding Gas for Welding Mild Steel

    What is the best shielding gas for welding mild steel? There are many different ways that you can choose to weld mild steel and with each arc process a different shielding gas is likely to be need. In this article we look at the most common processes used in welding mild steel and assess which…

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  • Cordless Power Tool Battery Guide – How to Choose Best Battery Type

    Cordless Power Tool Battery Guide

    Cordless Power Tool Battery Guide. Cordless Power Tool Battery Guide for buying battery powered tools. There is no doubt that when you look to buy a power tool today that you almost certainly look to see if there is a battery powered version. With the advances in batter technology that means pretty much any tool…

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  • Battery Powered Wood Router – 5 Great Options

    battery powered wood router

    Battery powered wood router. There is no doubt that the conventional wood router is one of the most useful and versatile tools in a woodworkers armory. For those who new to wood routers it is essentially an electric motor with a cutter at that spins at a incredibly high speed. This allows the tool to slice…

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  • Battery-Powered Wood Cutter – 5 Great Options

    battery-powered wood cutter

    Batter-powered wood cutter. Who wants an electric cable trailing around after them, especially when to are using a chain cutting tool? Alternatively, who wants to have to lug around a gasoline powered wood cutter and then have to fill and maintain the engine? Especially if you are not looking to cut down a forest. The…

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